Is your range hood beginning to look a little fuzzy and dark from the grease and dust buildup? There are a lot of steps on how to clean a range hood. A range hood is a great thing to have however, cooking oils from your favorite stovetop suppers, bacon and fried chicken can basically do some numbers on it. The following are some of the easy tips on how to keep your oven hood look new as well as the steps on how to clean it. 

  1. Wipe Down the External Portion of Your Range Hood

When discovering how to clean your oven hood so it will get its shine back, the initial step to do is to wipe down your oven hood’s external portion, wherein the dust has landed and grease has settled in. You can use your best rags and very thick paper towels to actually clean this portion up. In order to make sure that you break up the dust and grease buildup, use a household anti-grease dish washing soap. Mix a little amount of water into it and thoroughly wipe down your oven hood. Finish up with the use of some paper towels and an ordinary cleaner spray to clear away residues.  

Remember, if you purchase a special cleaner which is made to cut grease or use another home chemical which is believed to get rid of greasy stains (some homeowners recommend acetone, for instance), always find a little portion of the oven hood and test it on there first. These powerful and special grease removers can sometimes harm the surface appearance or finishes, therefore, ensure that they are safe to use on your appliance. 

  1. Clean Away Stains and Dirt on the Underside of Your Oven Hood

Now it is time for your hood underside, around where your vent is installed. If it’s already been a while since your hood was cleaned, this portion may already be a darkened mess. In addition to that, it is a very great idea to use a scrubbing brush instead in order to tackle ash deposits or large grease buildup. Ranges tend to get dirty in this portion.  

Some homeowners want to use ordinary cleaner for these particular stains. It is a good product to begin with. Or else, try a grease-removing dish washing soap as well as a pan filled mixed with a little amount of warm water and baking soda. For huge build-up, make the baking soda into some paste-like form and put it on the underside area of your oven hood and then, wait for 30 minutes or so. Furthermore, baking soda is very popular for neutralizing acid components and can definitely break apart the bonds that hold the grease in place. 

  1. Clean the Filter After Removing it

The filter always gets all the grease in your oven hood and it requires to be cleaned thorough. First, remove the filter – most filters have a metal loop which allows you to take it out. If you do not want to touch greasy portions, wear some gloves or contact a reliable and professional Charlotte hood cleaning service provider.